Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall Recap

Well, it's been awhile! After the fall birthday marathon, a break seemed in order, but with Christmas just a week away, I thought I'd take this opportunity to go back and post some fall memories that would otherwise get bypassed! Here we go: RL's all smiles after getting his teeth cleaned for the first time on Oct. 8. Six months ago, he would only let the dentist take a look, but this time he was super brave and got his teeth cleaned!
RL has had lots of fun playing with his friend H through the summer and fall. Most of their playdates have been at H's house or fun outings with H and his mom to the zoo or "jump place" (inflatable playgrounds! I think RL would let them adopt him if they wanted to!:), but on this day back in October H came to play at our house and both boys tried out some costumes. Serious business, obviously!
All three girls had fun playing soccer this fall. AG and LL were on the same team, and SJ was on another one. Here she is before one of her final games, ready to go!
On Oct. 20 we went to a fun P family art show which included pottery by Nanoo, painting by Uncle F and Aunt E, handmade jewelry by cousin L, and duct tape creations by cousin A, pictured here with LL and SJ. Fun! Hope some of our kids get their artistic genes!
We also visited Mimi and PawPaw that day:
Sleepy boy
On Oct. 27 all the grandparents came to celebrate our Oct. birthdays, and we took a walk to the neighborhood park. SA had fun with Nana there!
Who are these big kids?!
Heading out for a very short stretch of trick-or-treating!
LL loves to read to SA.
Very rare moment for SA in his carseat!
A trip to Lowe's with T is a perfect opportunity for RL to wear his "Bob the builder" hat!
SJ's "Kindergarten Club" met for a Thanksgiving storytime and party on Nov. 14 and she and RL enjoyed gobbling up these turkeys!
Our Saturday morning pancake tradition was derailed when I ran out of baking powder, so...perfect day for beignets! (Nov. 17)
The beignet sticks were perfect for SA!
What a sweetie! (Nov. 19)
We had a good time at Gran and PopPop's for a few days leading up to Thanksgiving. The boys love playing with all the stuff in the toy kitchen, even if it is pink and purple!
SA spent alot of time playing with this bowlful of rocks!
He also liked hanging out with PopPop.
The afternoon before Thanksgiving the girls and RL went fishing with Gran, PopPop, and T. This catfish was the big catch of the day, hooked by LL and brought in with some help from PopPop!
That night the guys were understandably worn out!
Back home, just a regular night...(Nov. 25)
RL was busy during SJ's math lesson one day, and here's his finished product:
T and the girls emerged from some secretive kitchen activity with a lovely and delicious coffee cake for my birthday!
So thankful to be celebrating another year with these precious gifts!
Whew! :)

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