What's Up With Us

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy New Year!

SA keeps asking, "When will it be the new year?" I am having the opposite experience: January's already almost gone? Whoa. All's well here, but boy do the days speed by. We got a new camera before Christmas and have been enjoying it, but haven't stopped to upload many pics yet, so here are a few from the first batch...Christmas card photo day. Tonight AG was playing with IS after supper and told me, "You have to blog before he grows up." Point taken! He is too adorable to miss these days! He has grown alot over the last 6-8 months and is a cuddly, playful not-so-little guy! His favorite new words are fish (which sounds like "she" with a cute little question-like inflection) and choo-choo, which he just started saying today. In his more somber moments, he becomes very straight-faced and focused: left thumb in mouth, right hand fingers twirling the hair on the back of his head...it is serious business. However, he also likes to tease me when he knows we're playing and will stare me right in the eyes and dramatically put his thumb in his mouth, challenging me to playfully pop it out which brings wild giggles! He started walking at about 15 months and is sort of like an (incredibly precious) old man plodding around. We are all just loving him!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Can it already be late October? Needless to say, I haven't really caught up and I doubt I will, but life is coming so fast these days I can hardly keep up with the real thing, much less stop and record it with any consistency. I want to, though, so here's another round of pictures, this time from summer. We had a great one, filled with slower days at home but also plenty of fun: swim team in June, VBS and overnight camp for the girls in July, and a beach trip in August (pics of that yet to come!).

Friday, July 25, 2014

Making a Comeback!

It's been a while! We are still here and all is well, thankfully, just busy! I want to go back and catch up on a few big events since I last posted, but for now, here are a few family photos from the last few months. (In order: we went strawberry picking, scored a corner booth, enjoyed the girls' piano recital, and captured a grocery store memory!:)

Saturday, November 09, 2013


we have so much to celebrate! Our middle 4 have birthdays within 7 weeks of each other, and this year they were turning 2,4,6,and 8, so we decided to do one big party. On September 28 we had the joy of welcoming PawPaw, all four grandparents, many great- aunts and great-uncles, cousins, and friends for the birthday extravaganza! We are so thankful for these precious girls and boys and really can't believe how fast they are rolling through these birthdays! Here's a little update on the birthday kids: LL turned 8 on Oct. 16 and is having a good year doing 3rd grade at home. She loves reading Nancy Drew mysteries, watching LHOTP, playing imaginative games with her sisters and brothers, and jumping on the trampoline (the big birthday gift!). She is excelling at piano this year, has fun doing gymnastics, and is learning to enjoy public speaking through speech club! LL is quick to offer help with baby IS and SA and we are thankful for her compassion and energy. She is an entertainer around here and knows how to have fun! SJ turned 6 on August 29 and is a first grader this year! She is quick with math and can sit down and read a whole picture book or reader to anyone who'll sit still long enough, or often picks up a chapter book her sisters checked out and goes for it herself! She's enjoying gymnastics and, like her sisters, is a huge LHOTP fan. She continues to be a late riser and a night owl...like she was born with a teenager's internal clock! We are so thankful for her sweet smiles, good questions, and how she loves her family and friends. RL turned 4 on October 23 and has become a madman on a bike! He loves to build with Legos, color with markers, do workbooks, help in the kitchen, "play school" with his sisters, play outside, work with his Daddy on projects at home and give IS kisses while saying, "He's SO cute!" He goes all day long but often initiates his own bedtime, saying, "Will you put me down?" We are so thankful for this busy, bright, fun, sweet boy! SA turned 2 on September 29 and is always on the go with a big grin! Right around his birthday he moved into the toddler bed and now shares a room with RL, and he likes to present encores after bedtime these days, but we are working on that! :) His talking has totally taken off and he is putting together words now, to tell us things like "Watch me" or "Hold it" or "Stop it" (which I wish I could honor when he says it at diaper-change time!:) He's finally gotten a real haircut (though he didn't like it) and likes to climb onto the trampoline and run around. He is still very attached to his lovies and his thumb, and we are glad he's still a willing snuggler! We're so thankful for this bright, bubbly, fun boy and enjoy seeing him blossom every day!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Retrospective, Part 3: Our "Vacation"!

By mid-July IS was over a month old and we were all ready for a change of scenery, so we spent 10 days with the grandparents. This was our only getaway all summer, and it was great! First stop was Gran and PopPop's house, where the kids had fun playing and reading, having breakfast on the balcony, exploring in the woods, going to the library, making an apple pie with apples from their tree, and getting to visit with Uncle David and my friend H, her mom, and two of her kids, A and L. And there was plenty of time to just hang out and snuggle with IS! It was a fun few days...see below! Then we went to Nana and Grandpa's for the rest of the week. The girls and RL went with Nana and Grandpa to VBS every morning, and I hung out at home with SA and IS. In the afternoons, the kids had fun swimming and playing in the "muddy muddy". T joined us toward the end of the week and he and Grandpa took RL to play golf. And of course, IS got cuddled plenty!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Retrospective, Part 2

T and the kids went on lots of bike rides around the neighborhood this summer, with the girls riding their own bikes and RL and SA in the trailer. RL has recently gone on some rides with T on one of the girls' old bikes with training wheels on it, and don't tell him, but there's probably a new "boy bike" coming his way in the near future! On July 5 we went to a Children's Museum we'd never visited before...the kids had a great time! SA serving up a sundae in the "café" LL and SJ checking out at the "grocery store"...they all loved this. AG offered service with a smile at the café Our four little dentists took care of T's toothache! RL was a great vet! Afterward, we went to visit Mimi and PawPaw and introduced Isaac! We are so thankful he got to meet Mimi that day, as that turned out to be our last visit with her. We miss her and are so thankful for all the wonderful memories that we all have of our times with her! PawPaw, T, and the "big boys" Mimi and PawPaw with all their great-grandchildren and T Just a few days past the one month mark, IS is getting pretty good at smiling when he wants to! Reading in bed during our community group meeting one Wednesday night