Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas holiday, celebrating with family and friends. The Sunday before, we gathered with the P family as usual for a wonderful visit, delicious meal, and lots of fun opening gifts. In the midst of all that fun, however, I got very few photos, but here are a few:
Afterward we came back home, and T worked on Christmas Eve while we enjoyed having some out-of-town friends who were passing through stop by for a while that morning. And we enjoyed the Christmas King cake our neighbor brought us!
We woke up at our house Christmas morning and had breakfast, opened a few gifts, and got ready for our drive to Gran and PopPop's.
There we had lunch with Gran, PopPop and Uncle David and kept an eye on the weather, as there were tornado warnings all around.
SA liked playing with the nativity scene under the tree...
The next day we visited the S family and RL was introduced to a wonderful new toy! I think we'll have a sandbox and one of these diggers at our house before long.
All the P and S kids:
This was SA's first road trip in a forward-facing seat, and he did great! We drove on to Nana and Grandpa's on the 27th for a few more days of fun playtime with family and visits with lots more friends we don't get to see very often! Again, no pics, but great memories! :)
Back at home, AG finished up the Lego set (part of the winter village) that Nana and Grandpa had given her. She's just discovered that she loves to build with Legos since Louis received some of the bigger ones, so she asked for a more advanced set for Christmas and flew through it with delight! I watched her with amazement! There will surely be lots more Legos in her future...
and another wonderful skill, recently developed by SA: pulling up! He's been at it for a few weeks now, thankfully, and is so proud! And we are finally having to get around to childproofing "the next level"! At 15 months, he's still swiffering our floor with his masterful army crawl, but now he is on his way to another mode of travel!
We give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful blessings 2012 held and look forward to 2013. Happy New Year to all, from all of us!

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