Friday, November 02, 2012

RL's 3rd Birthday!

October 23 was a big day...RL turned 3! (Although if you ask him, he will most likely tell you he's 6!) Hard to believe this baby boy...
is now this little boy! We enjoyed a birthday dinner out...
and then he opened presents at home...
and got right down to business playing with new legos!
Ready for a little cake!
"Happy birthday to you!"
Saturday all the grandparents came to celebrate his birthday, along with LL's and Nana's! More cake! As you can see, he got a haircut since his actual birthday!
We are so thankful for this little guy. He is always doing things that strike me as so BOYISH! But he's still a really sweet boy! Lots of mornings he wakes up before our alarm goes off and he comes padding into our room to snuggle til it's time to get up, and he still asks me to hold him alot. He won't let T leave for work without giving him hugs and waves from the backstep, and before bed he makes the rounds to give "the sisters" hugs and kisses. He loves to dress up as Bob the builder and "Lightman Tween" and is a good big brother to SA, who always gets his sweetest "ni-night!" He's always reminds us to pray before meals and likes to pray himself, thanking God for every family member (including himself!) by name!

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