Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sleepyheads and Busy Boys

RL sometimes wanders into our room in the middle of the night or very early morning, asking to sleep in our bed. Last night he did this and when I told him I needed to take him back to his room he said, "I want to sleep in your bed just a little minute." And he did. Here's a photo from Christmas morning, when he got to stay til the sun came up! He also frequently says to me at night, "Mom, will you put me in bed?" This is new to me (none of the girls ever did this) and so adorable! Probably has something to do with us breezing through our days without his getting naps and his being worn out by the evening! Gran made "Laura Ingalls" style night caps for the girls, and from time to time I catch them asleep in's SJ, aka "Carrie"! Along those lines, we are working our way through all the seasons of LHOTP (now in Season 5) and truth be told, T and I are just as taken with it as the girls. (But we don't have nightcaps:) Love this little guy! How big is SA? SOOOOO big! SA is very interested in the cat, Fiona. He is always happy to see her and his version of "cat" was probably his first "word"! He would army-crawl across the patio to get to her (Ok, really him, our neighbors hastily names the cat after they saw Shrek years ago, then realized they were wrong, but the name stuck!) Loving those warm winter days when we've had them... RL just scooting around! He's asking lately to ride a real bike...guess it's time to put the training wheels back on!

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